We made it, we cook it.

We just made your favorite food available for take-out. 

“There is a difference when it comes to artisan fresh pasta here in the United States, and we are it.”

From our production facility to the tables of our restaurants, our pasta is made every day fresh and expressly cooked to enjoy the best Italian food experience. We mix flour, water and eggs with our passion for food that comes intact from our deepest Italian origins.

About Us

Fabio Cragnotti

Spaghetto Factory Owner

A little of our history

In 2007 a group of friends and entrepreneurs from Italy decided to move to South Florida with their families with the dream to bring to neighbors and friends the taste of the real Italian fresh pasta. They bought a factory space in Fort Lauderdale area, imported original fresh pasta machines from Italy and began producing fresh pasta, fillers and sauces according to ancient Italian recipes.

Their fresh pasta began to be well appreciated from various clients, restaurants, cruise lines etc… but their original dream became true when in 2009 they opened the first Spaghetto Restaurant in South Beach, a small kitchen place where anybody could taste the daily produced artisan fresh pasta cooked at perfection following the best Italian traditions and served in a friendly environment at the right price!

With the time the menu got wider and today Spaghetto restaurants offer also other traditional Italian dishes always with the goal to follow the rich Italian culinary traditions.


We traveled all over the world, tried hundreds of exotic dishes, and gathered them in one place. Get a taste of summer anytime.


4350 Oakes Rd, Davie, FL 33314

Orari di apertura

Da lunedì a giovedì

12.00 - 20.30


12.00 - 21.00

Sabato - Domenica

17.00 - 21.30/21.00